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Crane truck and transportation company servicing the top of the South Island


Lift N Shift Ltd is a locally owned and operated mobile crane, crane truck and transportation company based in Nelson, working predominantly in the top of the South region in New Zealand.

Lift N Shift specialises in lifting and shifting a wide variety of objects including pianos, spa pools, concrete panels, containers, cars, trucks, boats, wine/dairy vats, house frame/trusses, forklifts, machinery and site sheds.

We are also authorised for vehicle recovery – including demobilised vehicles, camper vans, buses, trucks, cars, diggers, etc.  For oversized loads, including Portacoms, buildings, site sheds, earthmoving equipment, trusses/frames, etc we have Class 1 and Class 2 Pilots.

Lift N Shift is committed to providing an efficient and effective service.